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Pickle Islands Post Of Randomness

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Pickle Island is looking to acquire several random things. You can choose to supply one item, or everything on the list (doubtful). The only rule is all items MUST be Delivered unless mailable.Delivery will be made to Pickle Island (33x,22y) on Independence. If interested in supplying any of these orders pm me here or ingame (brycarnia). Prices listed are MAX I am willing to go, so if you decide to charge that price I may go with a cheaper vendor


- 1 Green Drake Hide Cap. Ql and enchants are non-important but will be paid accordingly. Price is Negotiable.

- 1 Pair of Breeding Dogs. While same sex couples are ok in certain aspects, in this case I must receive 1 male and 1 female. Looking to pay no more than 1s for the pair, delivery and special dogs pay extra.

- Oakenwood BSB's up to 10 total - 20c each

Bulk Goods (price listed is max price I am willing to pay for total amount listed, delivery is paid extra)

- 1000 rockshards Avg ql above 50 - 1.5s

- 1000 bricks Avg ql above 50 - 2.5s

- 500 kg's Bulk Iron - 1s

- 200 kg's QL 80+ iron - 2s

- up to 10,000 dirt - 1s/1000

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I know somebody who might be able to fill your iron order, I'll get a hold of him when I can and get back to you :)

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