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Cannot Add To House Plans On Chaos

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[21:18:02] You need to be citizen of this settlement, a guest, or hold the writ of ownership for this structure in order to make modifications to it.

Getting this when trying to plan a floor in a house, yet I'm holding the writ. (above and below, floor openings also, and wall plans)

NB I had been traded the writ today to test this, the original planner / owner of the house was getting this error so I was confirming

So I went up to the 3rd floor of another house I hold the writ for, which I planned, finalised and had been holding the writ for over a month. I was able to remove a wall plan, and when I tried to add a new one I got this error :

[21:36:08] You are not allowed to add to MoNo without permission.

We're all citizens on this deed. It's quite possibly related to the whole PMK thing.

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