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Promised Land Hideout

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Promised Land Hideout is looking for people to join. We are located at X11,Y7 on the Celebration map. We are looking for people who enjoy the game and all the challenges that come with it. There is only me and 2 others. There is no daily job or tribute you have to pay. You get to work on what ya want, when ya want. You will be given a area to build a house and yard etc.

We have a Mag and Vyn priest on deed.Large farm area, Animals, Large mining area. Coastal deed for shipbuilding. Anything is available for you to use if you choose. Been playing the game for some time now so very noob friendly. I would like you to be prem as it shows that you will be some what active,but as we all know we can't play wurm all day, everyday. All we ask is for you to be a mature player to the neighboring deeds, ally members and of course other village members. If you have any more question please post/pm here or pm me in game( Eroc). Hope to hear from you soon.

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