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Option To Disable Visible Helmet.

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For the simple fact, it makes it too easy to run around without a helmet on

eventually leads to select few not wearing helmets, then having to examine everybody to see if they are wearing one

I thought the whole point of the suggestion was that you could set it so you don't see other peoples' helmets. Therefore, if you care more about what people are wearing, you can set it to still show their helmet. If you care more about peoples' faces, u can set it to not show helmet. This doesn't give you any kind of ability to hide what helmet you are wearing, and no need to examine what people are wearing if you dont want to.

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Don't like it.. show the world like it is,

Ask people to take their helmets off if you dont like it.

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IMHO most helmets/ head armors are deadly ugly. I'd like to make mine invisible.

You might love the look of your helmet, and would want to show it.

Imagine an option: "Show_your_Helmet" with true or false. What would be the consequences?

On PvP:

No real idea, but as I hear anybody and it's dog is wearing a (great?) helm anyways, and the archers would aim for the face anyways, so it wouldn't make this much of a difference - assumed what I read is correct.

Besides, this option could be easily auto-disabled as soon as you log in to PvP server, right?

On PvE:

Most people there use chain, studded or cloth, and look like the seven dwarves, behind the mountains, and many are sad and frustrated about it.

After all, how happy have we been when character customization had been announced, and how frustrating it is now when we, again, all look the same, just in a few more flavors?

So, lemme tell you as a professional medic, by far the most wounds I have to cure are head wounds: "I forgot again to equip my butt-ugly helmet, I look a thousand times more beautiful without! *Crying*" is what I hear day in, day out.

So such an option wouldn't hurt anything, especially if it could be auto-disabled on PvP. But it would help a lot of players to enjoy the game more. Who could seriously oppose this? So my +1.

Have fun!

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