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Tall Stone Walls Have Very Bad Collision On ~18 Slope

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I yesterday created a Tall Stone Wall on 18slope (on hill, onto grass tile border).

I built it next to Maple Tree (as seen on picture).

When I went against Maple Tree and Tall Stone Wall I got into the Tall Stone Wall, very easily.

If someone would do more research about it I'm sure it could be used as exploit to get onto other peoples land what is surrounded by Tall Stone Walls and are on slopes and next to trees.

It should be fixed - it happens on every time I try to do it.



I haven't found yet way to get out on other side but I'm sure it's possible.


Tambre (Release).

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i can confirm this. i have a tall stone wall on a 18 slope tile and i was able to enter my deed through the wall. this was a corner piece. I just walked into the outside corner and was able to pass through. I had no tree next to the wall.

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