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Sodijo Ledena Jama Recruiting For Village Construction

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Sodijo Ledena Jama (Falling Ice Cave) is Recruiting!

Village Planning, Construction, and Community Creation Underway

The deed of Sodijo Ledena Jama has been established, and a rough village plan is sketched

Anyone on Pristine who would like to join this fresh growing community should make contact with 'SheridanWashburn' on Pristine

Some high level 'bird's eye view' plans include -

- active Tavern with scheduled events

- sporting Arena with sparring, riding, and other skill based competitions

- destination Trading Center for the surrounding area

- large multi-faith Cathedral for priest progression

- originate NPC-style quests starting at Sodijo Ledena Jama

- traditional Narrow Street design like popularized middle age villages

- modest Buildings featuring multistory, multiroom, multipurpose planning

- established Guilds of village based crafters, masons, weaponsmiths, alchemists, so on...

- small private Guild Halls with private location for Guild Initiation Rites and other training

Overall the central location offers a wonderful centralized meeting place for

Supply and Trade, Faith and Magic, Community Activity, and Regional Exploration

YOUR ideas are what will make Sodijo Ledena Jama really shine among the villages and cities of Pristine

YOUR plans for unique and attractive buildings that function as well as they look

The plan for Sodijo Ledena Jama is not to become massive - but rather to become relevant in Pristine economy and history!

A relevant and meaningful place filled with stories, memories, and activity that is player generated and player consumed.

What are YOUR ideas? Please contact SheridanWashburn in Pristine or Aendi on

the Wurm Forum - and let's get started building a fresh take on community in Wurm!

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