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A New Set Of Three Enchants For Torches

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I was thinking, wouldn't it be neat (it may just be me) if there was a way to be a support-fighter without being a champion or priest? Think about how dual-wielding/aggressive stance is kinda your main dps, shield-wielders are tankier and tend to have heavier armour; what about an option to add a torch as a third-choice for off-hand?

WL: Inspiring Enchantment - perhaps for Magranon (as it's to lead soldiers into battle) or for Fo (healing) - my thoughts on it are, if it's a Mag enchant,

Inspire could be a thing that perhaps gives a small flat FS bonus or resistance of some sort.

IE, Dawnbringer (torch). It is enchanted with Inspire. Allies of the wielder in close proximity gain a small fighting skill bonus, as the light seems to shimmer brighter in the darkest of places.

Alternatively, what if it was for Fo?

Inspire could be a healing enchantment. May not again seem like much, but when every littel bit helps:

Fo's Grace (torch). It is enchanted with Inspire. Allies of the wielder in close proximity can feel the soothing aura from this torch slowly mending their wounds over time.

Again, this would have to be small so as not to be game-breaking, but. Still, could be a very neat thing.

For the BL, perhaps it would be the same as Magranon's, or perhaps give a slight bleed or something similar to the wounds of their enemies. Perhaps instead it could lower the defenses slightly of their enemies - may fit Libila, a tad bit better.

Hopeslayer (torch). It is enchanted with Burning Darkness. The flame is green-tinged, and it inspires fear into those that look upon it - those that aren't guided by Libila, in any case.

Opinions? :)


(Don't be afraid to shoot me down. What I think is cool is often silly.)

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It's a nice idea, and i think people should always look at things like this with an open mind, the only problem i see is everyone would most likely still use the same weapons they do now, as no shield generally equates to no life when it comes to PvP in most situations

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