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(Independence) Community Project

Community project go ahead  

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I was thinking about priests on independence today and noticed that black dog sermons aren't really that central, So I thought maybe the community of this server might want to get together and build a 'Central Sermon Centre', The sermons would be held as often as possible and the priests attending could then discuss who was to hold the next sermon. (I would appreciate any feedback or advice on this matter

Facilities would include


Animal pens


Altars of each deity




If you could find anything else to add please PM me (shads)

If any player is interested in helping out or thinks this is a good idea, please comment below

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If a facility is already being used, and the owner continues to support it, why not use it?

Its not the central most location but its fairly easy to get to from FM via land or sea.

In the last 6 months to 9 months there were at least three other locations being used for various sermon groups. (On Indy).

These places come and go, as people gain interest, meet there goals, then lose interest.

I just don't see this idea lasting long term.

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Black Dog has a pretty good set up with the needed facilities, and no its not center of the map but is pretty close. Over all lets keep it at Black Dog

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