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Saurustown Seeks Some New People

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Im the mayor of a village called Saurustown, and i have been here for just a few weeks. I have been busy building, but would like to invite some players to stay here, since i have lots of space.

Im not the best player around, but im a friendly and helpful

There is much work to be done.

Why do i want to join you and not someone more established?

You get to have your share of ddeveloping a village, and developing your skills.

What about tools and such?

Can provide tools if needed

Will i get a home?

Yes, absolutley!

Will you pick me up?

Yes, i can provide pickup when i got the time

Where is this village called Saurustown?

somewhere around 41x 62y

Talk to me ingame or PM on forum

Screenshots for those of you interested





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