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Cathor's Link 'n' Clink Chainsmithing Is Back In Business!

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Cathor's Link 'n' Clink Chain Armour Smithing is back to Independence!

Based on Independence located at the eastern side of the Eastern Plains.

There soon will be a merchant at FM.

I have several sets of 50-70ql in stock and any ql up to 70 can be made to order :)

50ql sets sell for 1.25s

and 70ql for 3.25s

Chain bardings made to order.

Also have a rare chain coif willing to sell @ 70ql for 3s

PM me in game (Cathor). Reply here, or PM on the forums and order your set today!

Will deliver for 35c to most accessible parts of Independence. More if harder to get to.

(Can do up to 50ql copper sets too)

*Also free repairs and imp's back to original ql providing you come and drop off and collect, PM to arrange a time and imp while you wait! (Only suits with You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Cathor'. or any variations on made by '.at...' will be accpeted)

Can imp up to 70ql~ on any other makes for a small fee.


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