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Fish, Fowl, And Familiars

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While I have just scratched the surface of Taming and Caring for animals, I thought of a few ideas for the future that may interest some of you.

Fish - It would be great to have more sea creatures that surfaced on beaches, and crawled out of lakes! Both realistic and mythical. Plus, a greater variety of edible fish for more complex or stat enhancing meals and potions would be interesting. Think of the implications of a dart tipped with blow fish poison. And while we are at it - why not have Great Sea Creatures lurking and spawning far off the coasts which ships could track, stalk, and attempt to capture or subdue. A great caravel pulled by a pod of strong champion dolphins would be quite fast. And the oil, fat, meat, bones, and hide of a Great Whale would supply a settlement or economy with a huge influx of supplies to spur the local economy. The fight between a flotilla of sailing ships and a Gigantic Octopus, or Sea Serpent would be magnificent!

Fowl - What about the ability to capture, tame, and train a falcon or other bird of prey. For that matter, and bird that is able to fly any distance could be useful as a scout. Perhaps, once properly trained, a falcon could be used like a spyglass or a telescope to visit and see over the next hill or mountain. Sent out from the falconer's shoulder, the player would then control and view the world from the falcon's vantage point! In addition - one could specialize in and train homing pigeons for messaging (in addition to the mail system already in place). Other birds could act similarly, or perform the task that their Middle Age counterparts performed for human civilization!

Familiars - Stepping into the realm of fantasy and magic - it would be great to go beyond taming and commanding creatures to actually getting behind their eyes and moving into enemy camp to silently stalk for a kill, or sneak past unnoticed for surveillence. In this case - the player character would stay behind, their body vulnerable to attack and death. But - if they were smart they could secure their person, and still take a scorpion familiar to an enemy camp for a really great PvP attack! Or simply act as a spirit animal that the player character can morph into through spells for a limited time - but a great enhancement to specific attack capabilities or specialized skills. Familiars would be time limited control over the tamed creature, would be vulnerable to death and even capture (oh wow, think of the implication of being 'inside' your familiar when it is captured, in turn trapping the player character in the familiar in a cage for who knows how long... )

Anyhow - these are some fun ideas I've been kicking around concerning the fauna of Wurm and how we currently interact or could possibly interact with them in the future!

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