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The Guide To Being A Smart Player And The Alike On Games,forums,and More

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Hello guys and today I bring a guide for those not so nice people. I was avid in another forum and game before I came to Wurm so I decided to copy a post I did awhile back in that forum and bring it here.

P.S. I modified it a bit so it didn't sound like I was talking about the other game! ^_^ Also don't know why it's colored :P

Troll- In internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

See the last few words "disrupting normal on-topic discussion" if you come across these guys never ever get into a argument with these people. It will only make matters worse. A argument is just a never-ending battle in which no side will win. If you find a troll ignore him if it keeps going on for example in a forum report him to moderators. Trolls are just people who want to get attention and most likely want to be a bothersome annoyance. Let's take for example a fire. If I keep giving it firewood it'll last as long as it has this material that's what trolls want. They want to get attention the hard way just ignore it. If your in a match server with one ignore him you constantly telling this person what to do is just not getting anywhere ignore him instead of wasting your time.

Newbie, newb, n00b, noob- There are 2 types of these people explained below.

Newbie- A newbie is a inexperienced player who is starting out it depends on their behavior. If a newbie is posting something that is not true politely point out his mistakes. We don't know how something works when we first try it. These types of guys are not really annoying they just aren't fully experienced yet/mature enough. Another type is explained below.

Noob- These people might or might not have been playing at something for a time ,but aren't really learning. And may be the worst type of guy that you want to run into in a video game that ruins your experience. We as a human being have freedom to do what we want for ex. do I want this job or this job do I want to do this or that. These people chose it the hard way and don't want any help so ever or just always love to think they know what their doing. Same thing with a troll ignore. It's just like the bully problem they want to get the best of you and for you fight back. Don't, tell a noob your stupid, what the heck are you doing, you know nothing is not going Anywhere remember these people are unwillingly to take information and ruin everybody's fun. If it gets to insulting ignore too or report. Report these people also depending on what they are doing if they are really on the bad language problem report may be your best option. (Normally they spam in chat if they do this)

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Keep in mind where you see the words

Newbie Newb n00b and noob have different means

In general they don't

Trolls will be labeled anything and everything under the sun

But keep on mind there is a difference in the whole

"Newbie Newb n00b and noob"

A. One person may be new and inexperienced "willing or will learn"

B. The other will not

And unless you truely know the said player or

Are showing them the ropes. Most of the time you will not know if its a or b

Sorry if I disrupted the meaning of your post I was just off taken by

The Newb noob thing

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Dont see a guide in this.. moving to wood scraps

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