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A Item For Quick Swapping Between Melee And Ranged Weapons

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Greetings there. I would like to suggest a idea for a quickswap item as to make swapping between melee weapons and ranged weapons easier.

The problem is most fighters and pvpers have is switching beween their bow and melee equipment fast in hectic combat. Instead of making it a interface feature, why not make it a item, like the toolbelt, that is a addition to your interface?

I was thinking of three items that can be used for such a occasion and can be crafted and would give another addition to leatherworking and tailoring:

a.) A sword scabard that can be equipped on the legs to sheathe in your sword, have it as a container to store in either a longsword or a short sword.

b.) A sash made either out of cloth or leather where you can place in your shield or bow and interchange them. The sash could as well be used to store a 2h sword.

c.) A bandolier which stores all weapons for interchanging, shield+sword and a bow, or a 2h and bow. It is made with a mixture of cloth tailoring and leatherworking, like the toolbelt, it would be improved by leatherworking or cloth tailoring.

There can be a keybind that can be used to quick change between weapons/bow or the item can be put on the toolbelt and used.

Quality of the item would depend how fast it switches between your weapons, low ql being almost as fast as how a player would interchange manualy, higher quality of these items would make switching faster. Rare or superiour items of that quality would improve weapon switching even more.

This can as well have visual representations if the graphics team is willing. A shield and 2h on the back or shield on back and sword sheathed in the scabard or the bow over someone's torso.


Uploaded with

Here is as well a fast scetch to visualy represent how that would look like.

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A very good idea. I think it has been suggested several times, but ignored. I have thought about this myself, and although I just had my first PvP encounter the other night and never had to switch weapons, I think it would be useful. It could also be useful in PvE for those who grind archery or use it to take down creatures above their level. Also, nice picture.

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