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Inser Plaques


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  1. 1. Should inscriptions be added to colossus'?

    • yes
    • no
    • wouldn't hurt, dont care

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due to an upcoming event i have planed for a fallen soldier of the BL community...i have come up with the idea of making plaques available to Collosus'.

something a bit similar to the WL and BL, basically being able to right click and choose 'read inscription'. I think it would be awesome to add these so that people can write something and add a list of names of all the people that helped build them...(atleast for the memorial ones)

i was suggesting if these became possible, i could write on it


Regards From:

list of names below

so please help me implement this small's not anything that really will hurt if done

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Sure, why not. It'd be a nice touch, as a colossus is a sort of monument after all.

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i'm just starting small atm with the ideas..but adding certain types of decorations to certain things would be awesome, like being able to make plaques and attach to Colossus' Towers Houses, and maybe even wooden plaques for boats...

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