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(Elevation) Quahog

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Quahog is situated overlooking an idyllic bay where the quahogs are harvested. Founded by Griffin Peterson, who had been exiled to an Epic land by King Stewart III, Quahog has lived in peace with it's neighbors. Now, something stirs in the hearts of men, we are not content to sit by and watch while others risk their lives in the name of justice. Come live the adventure with us on Elevation.

The preceding message is fictional, and has nothing to do with anything.

If you are JK and want to experience Elevation PVP, message me. We can pick up on Serenity or the JK Epic portal on Elevation. Chaos server players welcome. (Epic portal on deed so you can go back and tend your fields)

If you are not JK, but want to be... your welcome too.

What you need:

A good attitude.

The ability to play well with others.

A desire to read text of how you are hurting your enemies.

What you will get:

All your wildest dreams will come true.

PM me, MaverickG, on the forums, IRC, or ingame for more information.

This message is approved by Griffin Peterson, thank you for your consideration.

Edited by MaverickG
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Recruiting again.

Looking for active players who want to be on Elevation.

Also willing to establish relationships with JKH villages to provide safe haven and a base of operations for Elevation PVP.

Please PM me through the forums. Thank you for your consideration.

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For adventure and treasure, come to Elevation. For fun come to Quahog. Still recruiting. Send me a message for details.

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