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West Independia Shipping Company

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Who are we?

  • We are a new corporation located just south of the Western Wall. We specialize in contract negotiations between buyers/sellers and the shipping of goods. We have on roster a list of contractors for hire for whatever business you may need. From building placements, to flat-raising, and even to furniture improvements. We have it all! Whatever business or order you want, our agents will seek out and find for you the best deal possible and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

How can I place a Buy/Sell contract?

  • You can do it in one of 3 ways! By posting below, by sending a message to Governor Xemos in his Private Male box, or lastly by contacting one of the agents in game! From there we will negotiate the Item size/quantities you can produce or wish to purchase. And the price range you are acceptable with. Delivery/pickup is handled by us. You do not need to fear of those swashbucklers who only wish to steal your goods. You receive payment in full for you goods upon pick-up from one of our agents, Funded for of course by the Bank of Independia, Which then delivers the goods to receive the final payment ( plus shipping and handling ) from the customer! At absolutely no risk to the seller whatsoever.

​What benefits come from using your services?

  • You get our triple company booster services FREE! One with our agents constantly on the look for buyers, you will have the joys of knowing that someone is out looking for your sales while you are asleep, 24/7! So there is the first bonus. Secondly, we handle all the shipping for you. Thus your company does not need to employ a sailor nor do you have to miss out on productivity to sail your goods yourself. Lastly, Being insurance backed by the Bank of Independia, You have a 0 risk sale to any customer! You get paid upon pick-up long before the customer finishes his end of the deal! If the customer turns out to be a pond-scum swashbuckling scallywag. You still make profit and the West Independia Shipping Company bites the bullet for you! What more can you wish for?

​How could I join this fine agency/become a villager to your town?

Just simply fill out our job application below!

  • What is your Full name ( Wurm name )
  • What skills do you possess? ( Titled traits )
  • What are your aspirations?
  • Do you have a valid Sailor's Licence/what endorsement do you have? ( Mind Logic level, <19 - 24+
  • If yes, Do you currently own a ship?
  • Are you willing to relocate to the Independia township?
  • If yes, Do you need assistance?
  • Additional Comments


  1. Xemos
  2. Renowned Carpenter, Woodcutter, Excavator, Lumberjack
  3. To be a great trading company conglomerate owner.
  4. Yes: 24+
  5. Knarr, Sailboat, Rowboat(s)
  6. Yes
  7. No
  8. I love WISC!!!!

To sign up as a suppliers post below with:

Supplier sign up

  • Company name:
  • Location ( If in city )
  • Cordinates ( X/Y )
  • Number of workers:
  • CEO ( the boss man )
  • Authorized reps: ( others who can make deal decisions )
  • Normal business hours: ( your game schedule )
  • Additional Comments

​For any Questions Comments or Concerns, Please post below and Governor Xemos will answer promptly!

Edited by Xemos

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You have my Axe! So to speak.

  1. Murazama
  2. Trollslayer, Digger, Miner
  3. To further enhance the trade community, while providing job safety to the crafters.
  4. 28 (Currently purple to 20 D: )
  5. Knarr and 2 sailboats. (technically 3 but I can't access an alternate account.)
  6. Yes
  7. Depends.
  8. Like a Sir.

Edited by Murazama

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  • Company name: (not decided)
  • Location: Nippy Shores
  • Cordinates 23x 46y
  • Number of workers: 2
  • CEO: Shads
  • Authorized reps: Boobaby
  • Normal business hours: 12pm-10pm GMT 00:00

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i was thinking of me starting a delivery business, i pick up the load one place and deliver it to the buyer that the seller is giving to, seller gives load to me, i take it to buyer and buyer gives me money, i give money to seller, he gives me my cut for the delivery :) but you guys are doing that it seems D":

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You are more than welcomed to join us, we can always use more sailors! The only difference in our model is we pay the seller up front and do the contract negotiations as well. This gives confidence to the bulk producers that they wont be scammed and we get reimbursed upon delivery. if the deal falls through, the buyer gets black listed, and we just store the goods in our massive warehouse for the next buyer who comes along.

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  • Puertorro
  • Excavator LVL 75 digging
  • Become a renowned digger while also raising other skills and excell at them.
  • Mind logic 24
  • II have a row boat but planning to build a bigger boat soon.
  • No, i currently have my own deed.
  • N/A

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