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Horde Of The Summoned Is Recruiting! [Affliction + Elevation]

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Thanks to Hellfang/Postes for the banner

Horde of the Summoned is one of the three core kingdoms situated on the Epic server and is also commonly known as Blacklight. It is not the easiest kingdom and it is filled with a long history of betrayal, deception, and outright brutality to all of those who oppose the kingdom and the goddess Libila.

However, Libila accepts all those who recognized that The Horde is the one true kingdom, and because of that she allows us to use deception, terror. and sacrifices for our benefit. The Horde is not for everyone, new players may face certain hardships such as accusations or trials in attempts to earn villages trust, but those that make the trip will not regret the journey because they will be rewarded.

What does that say to you? You will never know if you are welcome if you won't try.

The Horde of the Summoned has many benefits, those of which are astoundingly helpful in catering to not only the PvPers, but the newer players and the crafters as well.

Followers of Libila have access to the special tile type known as mycelium. Mycelium can be absorbed to assist in healing, should you choose to hunt and as long as you are on a mycelium tile, your food and nutrition will go up at the normal rate which it would decay, which is perfect for crafters wishing to optimize on never needing meals or seeking to keep the high nutrition skillgain bonus on all the time. It is easily spread and will dominate grass and steppe in growth provided it is in our influence.

Being a follower of Libila also entitles you to some of the best spells in the game should you priest or know a priest. Spells that are renowned for viciousness, such as Rotting Touch which is commonly used to increase damage, or spells such as Rebirth which can recreate any creature, be it dead player or corpse as a Zombie to follow you into combat.

Being a blacklighter also entitles you to be a part of the tradition that once was and still is. Things are not often sold on merchants, as a result as you earn trust you can and will be rewarded with gear giving you a sense of accomplishment and is also beneficial to those without much in the way of silvers. Equipment is earned here and typically not sold.

Should you choose to join, you are welcome to post here in this thread, or PM Atazoth, Jock, or I and we can sort you out with a convert and possibly a place to stay. Stick with the journey and you shall be rewarded with many victories and a community that you will always be welcome in.

And as the Bone Altar reads... "Are you ready to join the Horde of the Summoned? Know that if you choose not to, you are against me!"

note: post will be edited heavily over the next two-three days, word changing and adding more pictures.

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