To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours
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Reduced Data

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I doubt many people will have this problem but it may also help thoes with lag.

Ill have to look up lag solutions after this.

I dont have lag but I wanted to play while on the road, in the bushes.

I purchased a limited data connection a cell phone company and connected my phone to the laptop.

I get 5 gigabites per month. My question is...

what settings can I change so that the data sent to and from the server is as low as possible.

Ive moved out to an area that has few visitors so that I wont get them in my local and hear them work.

what else can I do?

thank you

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/cahelp and /kchat will stop you from receiving as much text. And make you lonely...

Other than that, the client and server both have data that they have to send, can't cut it down more than that tbh. Either way, with text chats off, once the server has told you that tile 47758 is a tree and tile 47759 is grass etc it won't have much more to submit aside from movement and changes to items. As long as you don't play absolutely loads and try to monitor how much you've used then you should be fine.

Remember that Wurm was first designed to run on horribly slow dial-up connections, and hence a lot of the work is done by the client without throwing too much data around the internet.

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Enabling the Nagles Algorithm for combining packets in the launcher's settings compatibility tab will help you save traffic. Be aware this can cause a slight amount of lag however. The algorithm delays packets while combining them, causing a higher latency.

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Ive been watching the used data.

One google search takes more data then hours of Wurm play. Thats awsome.

I have only 3G speed and this does at times seem to cause lag. Just a second or two while I open a box or pass a locked fence or do something with an item.

Most new phones will have 4G so this problem will not last forever or it could just be the phone company server lag.

In any situtation-its great to be able to play while on the road.

If you see me walking through the woods talking to myself.

Its not drugs its Wurm.

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playing in the bush sucks. Its much more fun at home on my cumfy chair.

I cant consontrate. all the work I put in to make the tech work its my head that is trouble.

I play for a few minutes and then I have to log off to get comfortable.

I trim trees, so I get dirty. Palms put rat shzt in my hair and pines put black sap on my hands and face.

Pine needles on my clothes and leafs in my hair.

I look like I have no home and have not taken a bath in days.

I just work hard. Got a cold drink after work the other day and was worn out from the work.

I sat outside the small store with my cup of soda. Some guy comes by and throws 35 Cents US in my drink.

His friend tells me to get a job! I wasent finished with my soda and they looked like they had not done work in weeks.

Maybe they were so clean because they put in code for Wurm.

Moral of the story is that often... um is that I.... that there u... Yea buy me a soda.

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