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The Perfect Holiday Gift For Celebration?

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Someone recently posted a thoughtful suggestion in the Town Hall forum for people to buy a little extra silver on the Wurm Online Shop next month, in order to send a thanks to Code Club and the good work they do. It struck me as a generous and kind gesture for the holiday season. In that thread, some folks also lamented their inability to buy a gift certificate for premium time for their friends. This would be a wonderful thing, but since we don't have the option yet, something else might be more appropriate.

Other servers have their holiday traditions, such as the Impalong and summer festivals. These are wonderful, and things for them to be proud of. And Celebration has its own burgeoning tradition of festivals, commerce, and trade--I have friends who come down from the north and are amazed and surprised at how vibrant our markets are here, and how much innovation in trade there is.

To me, it's a source of great pride that we have such amazing commerce and trade, so I'd like to promote it while also sending a thanks to the developers.

This holiday season, if you're thinking of buying a little extra silver on the shop to show your appreciation to the devs, perhaps consider bestowing a gift of a merchant contract to some hard-working player who could use one. What better way to encourage someone to play, help the community, and show your thanks to the devs than helping a friend open up their first vendor stand and sell the fruits of their labor?

Merchants don't decay! They never need repairs. They can't be lost or stolen. They require no maintenance or upkeep. They need no grooming. Merchants are really the gift that keeps on giving.


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Sometimes I wish I could groom my merchant, but more often I wish I could groom my friends.

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