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Escova Steel Tools

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Tools made from steel have an additional 25-30% more durability over iron tools

Steel tools currently for sale are shovels, pickaxes. leather knives, dredges and hatchets

Good stocks of 80ql steel

Place your orders today!

50ql 60c

70ql 1s

80ql 2s

Enchants on requests

Prices of enchants coc and woa

1-79 1c per power

80 2c per power

Will trade steel tools for coal!!!!

Exchange 1000 coal of 30ql or lower for an 80ql tool with coc and woa 70 power enchants!!

located at 60x 23y next to Mist Lake on Independence

Current enchanted stock

80.15ql steel shovel 81coc, 70woa 3.5s

80.67ql steel shovel 83coc, 88woa 4s

80.48ql steel pickaxe 74coc, 80woa 3.5s

80.59ql steel pickaxe 76coc, 93woa 4s

Mailbox with 93 cast so mail deliveries are under 10 minutes!

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[12:47:20] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.

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