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The "l Will Convert You" Thread - Cele

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I decided to start this thread since Celebration was the only one missing; I will try and follow Sincor's design of all the other threads.

For Independence Conversion please Refer to: http://forum.wurmonl...ou-thread-inde/

For Deliverance Conversions please Refer to:

For Exodus Conversions please Refer to:

For Celebration Conversions please Refer to:


This Thread is a list of who is willing to convert you and in which area they are located.

To be Converted you need Body of 1.5+ (fastest way to get Body up is mining) and 1 Alignment (Bury a corpse of a guard or player).

You also must not have changed God in the last 7 days.

AND ALL TOWN PLEASE NOTE: 1 follower can convert all players in your town to a god if they have a statuette of the god and belong to that god.


Don't pm the character's name, they probably won't respond, pm the /tell name.


X Loc:
Y Loc:
Character Name:
Town Name:
Time Zone:


(Use one of these maps when naming location)

Map 1:


Map 2:


/tell Roggeh in game, pm me on forums, or post here to be added to the list. I will try and update this every Friday.

List of Converters


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People could easily mess with other peoples info; so I might make a google doc; but I won't allow anyone to edit it.

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Go ahead and add me.. Aniceset (best bet to reach any of my priests.. ) Follower of Mag, Vyn Priest and Fo Priest - Amish Paradise, but will occasionally travel.

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God: Vynora

X Loc: AN

Y Loc: 40

Follower: Y

Priest: N

Character Name: Kuntur

Town Name: Aedgon

Location: North of Tap Dance

Time Zone: -

/tell: Kuntur

Info: -

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Anyone on Cele able to convert my alt to a Mag priest? Roggeh seems to have gone inactive for a bit and he's the only one listed here.

I was able to be priested up a few days ago, so it's not necessary that anyone convert me now.

I will update here once my priest reaches 40 faith so that I can convert others to Mag priests if they wish.

Update: I can now convert any Magranon followers to priests if they so desire. Contact me either in-game or here on the forums to arrange a time to meet me.

Edited by Laiwyn

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My mag isnt high enough for priest :(

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