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Simple Gui Tweak To Imp Items On The Ground

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As the title suggests, I've had an idea concerning how we currently improve items that we cant pick up (guard towers, forges, chests etc etc)

First lets familiarize ourselves with the content : We have two semi-new elements in the GUI - the target window, and the selected bar.

The target window is really beginning to flesh out and fulfill its function without being too much of a clutter (random suggestion concept : somehow merge the target window with the fight window?). I'm loving how it shows the kingdom icons and health currently, and there's so much room for improvement there its really a fantastic GUI element.

The selected bar however, I feel, is slightly useless. I cannot for the life of me think of an example when it would make my gaming experience more streamline or easier or benefit it in any way.

Here's my suggestion :

Modify the layout of the selected bar to match that of the targeted bar (an icon element, a name bar element, and an info bar element).

The icon section could reflect whatever ingame item you have selected (a basic model, or 2d icon image would suffice)

The name section would obviously still show the name of the selected item

The info bar shows relevant information to the selected item (e.g What it requires to be improved, its current QL and damage)

There we have it, a slight tweak to an existing GUi element to make it the equivalent of a PVE targeting window.

Think of it as a crafters targeter. Akin to when we were gifted with the little "imp" column in our windows.

Some examples of its use :

  • Rushing through ruins clicking on items to see what has damage worthy of repairing
  • Improving any item that can't be picked up (no longer need to examine)
  • monitoring tile edge slopes while digging (i know we have the mouseover but this could be handy also)
  • It would go a long way to further reducing the requirement for heavy event window spam - less text is best!

Pro's and Con's would be appreciated, and any further suggestions / modifications to the concept. Please limit comments to constructive criticism otherwise.

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So it would be something like the selection in most strategy game, it would be a really handy tool and basically you could treat ground items as it were in your inventory.


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What are the target and fight window? I really feel like I should know this but I'm drawing a blank -.-

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