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Blue Overlay On Healthbar (Low Priority)

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Hi there,

I just downloaded the Unstable client onto an old computer, and there is a very unusual visual effect going on with my healthbar. It's not a big deal, but it's a little off-putting so I thought I would mention it.

If I hover my cursor over a terrain tile (including borders), the whole healthbar, stamina bar, name, etc get a dark blue overlay. On anything else, it looks normal. I've noticed that the colour starts slightly lighter when i first change which tile i'm hovering on, and darkens over a second or so, which makes me think that it might have been accidentally tied to the way that tiles have that same effect with their outlines.

I will try the stable client now...

Edit: some more details. did not occur on stable client, and does not affect the speed or hunger bar, but does affect the rest of that cluster.

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