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Milp's Cheap 80+ Jewelry For 1S, 80+ Blacksmithing For 70C, 90+ Locks Starting 70C

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Hey there,

I hope i don't cut off anyone's business with my pricing. I just wanna make some money. If you got a problem or a suggestion, just contact me please.

Blacksmithing things:

50ql 15c

60ql 25c

70ql 35c

80ql 70c

Large anvils are 50c extra.


Doorlocks and Small Chest locks:

50ql 5c

60ql 7c

70ql 10c

80ql 40c

90ql 70c

Gate Locks & Boat Locks:

50ql 15c

60ql 25c

70ql 45c

80ql 65c

90ql 1.2s

Large Chest Locks:

50ql 7c

60ql 12c

70ql 17c

80ql 45c

90ql 90c

Jewelry Smithing:

Statuettes of Gods:

50ql 25c

60ql 35c

70ql 50c

80ql 1s


50ql 10c

60ql 20c

70ql 30c

80ql 50c

Bulk orders on request.

Prices excluding shipping from Chaos. Pickup is arrangeable too.

Jenn Kellon Ally Members get 50% off. Orders over 5s get 10% off.

Delivery Time usually 3 days.

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