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Wts Farming Products

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Hello everyone,

Northern Lights deed on NE Celebration is having its first big sale on farm products!

Located close to Exodus, the Trading Post exact location is BI-57. Soon, an offline Trading Post will be available as well, through a Merchant with keys for BSB's.

For now we have for sale the following Items:

  • Cotton: 500 64+ql 2000 62+ql 1500 51+ql -> Price 1.75s/1k
  • Wemp: 500 64+ql 2000 57ql -> Price 1.25s/1k
  • Onion: 500 65+ql 2000 57+ql -> Price 1s/1k
  • Corn: 500 64+ql 3000 58+ql -> Price 1s/1k
  • Pumpkin: 500 60ql -> Price 1s/1k
  • Garlic: 500 59+ql -> Price 1s/1k
  • Potatoes: 1000 57+ql -> Price 1s/1k

Minimum qty. to buy is 500.

Please contact Inspira or Vitrelle in-game or post here what you need. :)

Deliveries only available for orders larger than 5s due to time limitations. Sadly no deliveries to Independence or Chaos.

Pick-ups can be scheduled almost at any time (about 18/24 hours).

Best of luck of getting the stuff you need!


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