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Deed: Zen's Oasis for 10 silver, OBO - Disbanded

Located: 53BB on Darkmalice Map

Deed Size: 12x12 giving 25x25 tile usage (5 perimeter)

Coffers: 2s 61c 4i

Monthly upkeep: 1s 25c with no templars.

On deed: 1 well

This land is in the desert and the flattening project is almost done. It has been converted to dirt and is ready for you to start your planting. It's bare and ready for YOUR touch. There is an iron mine already established. There is also a road to the nearby tar pit.



The view:




Just message Lucard or myself on here or in game if you have any questions or would like to purchase. We are negotiable on the price. It costs 10s just to buy a deed form and then the cost of dropping the deed is on top of that. This is a great deal. Not to mention, most of the flattening is already done for you.

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