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Avoiding Scams

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While Wurm Online does not prohibit player sales of in game currency, we understand the real world value involved. On that, there has been a rash of scamming as of late, and it is in the best interest to relay this information on to the players as some protection. While this may lead to a decline in the player market, it puts the knowledge out to the players so you can help yourselves as well.

Before trading, some tips:
Ignore those spamming in global, Usually a trusted seller will post on the forums.
Be wary of new players spamming every channel asking for gold coins.
If posted on the forums, be wary of first post accounts wanting to buy gold coins
As with real life transactions, seek information from the player base for trusted sellers and buyers, and ask around about the player you aim on selling to.
Be wary of someone "wanting it tonight, I need it right now, tomorrow won't do"


If you are considering doing transactions, particularly in regards to real money for in game items or currency, please make every effort to ensure you are dealing with persons with good references and history.  If you happen to see anything that appears to be less than honest, we urge you to bring it to staff attention.  It is in all of our interests that all Wurm Online players have a positive game experience and that applies to player transactions as well, but please be aware that all transactions are ultimately at your own risk. If you see something odd, please report it, honest sellers will have good references, and we urge you to ask for references!


Remember we do not offer our support or services for such activity and Code Club AB will not be held responsible for any remedial action or loss that occurs, as any such activity is entirely at your own risk.

Any account / player, and all associated accounts involved in scamming will be immediately banned from the game!

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