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Wurm Assistant is a bundle of tools for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited.

Supported systems: Windows and community-driven linux


Click to watch a video showcase of all Wurm Assistant features.

What does it do, in a nutshell:

  • Log Searcher - searching through game logs.
  • Triggers - play sounds or show popups on log events.
  • Timers - for complex grinds like prayer, meditation. Option to add custom timers.
  • Granger - managing creatures.
  • Calendar - tracking in-game harvest seasons.
  • Crafting Assistant - widget window showing next tool required to improve an item.
  • Skill Stats - handy statistics about current skill levels and a skill gain benchmarker.
  • Reveal Creatures Parser - shows a summary of the last 'reveal creatures' spell cast. Note: does not work for other similar spells / devices.
  • Up since 2010 and still kickin!


  • No new features are going to be added to Wurm Assistant, as I'm no longer working on this version.
  • Support is given for Wurm Online issues and keeping tools operational for new Wurm Online versions.
  • Wurm Unlimited is supported as-is. It should work but mods may possibly break features and any issues introduced by new WU versions will only be fixed if reported in detail to me.
  • There are some long outstanding bugs in the tool. They won't be fixed because it would require too much effort. Please refer to this thread history for reference and potential solutions, should you encounter any of these.
  • There will be WA4, but no idea when.





First make sure these things are installed:


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. You should have it on newer versions of windows, but if not... official download link here:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) (this exact version, not newer ones!), download links here:


If not sure, running setup will tell if they are already installed.


Then download Wurm Assistant itself:

If this link doesn't work, follow this guide:


1. Right-click the link above and choose "save link as..."



2. Choose where to save it and well, save it.


3. If your browser claims this is a virus, choose to keep the file. Say a curse if you need to.




4. Profit!


Unzip into any folder.

There are known issues when folders contain non-standard characters (like letters existing only in one language). For best experience unzip at the root of your drive eg: C:\WurmAssistant\

Use AldursLab.WurmAssistant.Launcher.exe to run WA.


If you suspect WA has/is a malware or your anti-virus scanner flags it, please scan it at


If you run into any issues, first see FAQ section at the end of this post for common fixes.


If you really love this tools, consider sponsoring WA on PATREON (putting link here until WA website is ready):



Apparently it's possible to run WA on linux with some tricky setup. Follow to these community posts for details:


Known issues:

  • Some types of *.wav sound files (including most of windows theme sounds!) can not be played by the app. This can't be fixed as sound engine is 3rd party. It is recommended to try re-saving them as wav or converting to ogg format using any sound editing software.
  • Moving wurm game client folder may require you to run config again. This will fix any odd issues with errors, searching logs, inconsistent timers, granger and so on.


Some more advanced features of the launcher:


WA can be run without showing launcher window, by using one of the .bat files in the folder:


For Wurm Online:

  • Windows: stable-windows.bat
  • Linux, Mac: not working at present


For Wurm Unlimited:

  • Windows: stable-windows-unlimited.bat
  • Linux, Mac: not working at present


See also: readme.txt in the folder.


To make WA start with windows:


Win7 and earlier: add a shortcut to launcher .exe file into autostart / startup directory in menu start - all programs.
Win8+: there is some more work required: see the guide


General Help:


To get somewhat outdated help about WA features, check Wurm Assistant Wiki (quick link also in the app menu bar).
Any additional questions should be asked here, in this thread.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Launcher is not starting. No error is shown. -or- Launcher downloads update, but Wurm Assistant does not start. 

A1: App could have been blocked by antivirus. This is known to happen if using AVAST. Please verify your antivirus log if in doubt. Should you want to create an antivirus exception for the folder, first run the file with online checker (like virustotal) to ensure it is in fact safe!

A2: Wurm Assistant may already be running in the background.

A3: It may be a case of stuck file lock. Simplest solution is restarting PC, but if you can't for any reason, follow the instruction in the spoiler below to fix it.


Find and open following file in the notepad (path will be different if using relative data directory option):

WA for WO: %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantData\app.lock

WA for WU: %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantUnlimitedData\app.lock


The file should says something like:

"This file is locked by Process Id 8392 named AldursLab.WurmAssistant3"


Use resource monitor to find this process and try to kill it. The start WA like usual.


Q: Wurm Assistant is acting weird, things don't seem to work, it's mayhem!!

A: Before trying any solutions, please check the log in the WA app itself. Look at the top for something like this:
MinorVersion: 3.0, BuildCode: stable-win, BuildNumber: 10, BuildStamp: 26.05.2016 11:41:36 +02:00

If the BuildNumber is indeed 10, you need to download the latest launcher. There was a a bug in old launcher that prevented it from downloading versions larger than 10.


Q: I'd like to do a manual backup of all WA data.

A: Copy / zip entire data directory, found here:
Wurm Assistant 2: %localappdata%\AldurCraft\WurmAssistant2\

Wurm Assistant 3 for WO: %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantData\

Wurm Assistant 3 for WU: %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantUnlimitedData\

To restore backup, first close Wurm Assistant, if it is running. Then replace that directory with the copy.

As with all backups, you should keep them on another physical or cloud drive.


Q: My antivirus reports this is malware!

A: False positives happen, but just to be safe, scan it first with virustotal. Even if total finds it safe, be sure to contact me about it, provide antivirus name so that I can promptly clear this false positive. Be extra careful if downloading from a source different than official links!


Q: How can I help?

A: Report bugs, improve wiki, vote and post ideas on roadmap, try non-windows platforms. If you're a programmer, consider contributing to the code itself.


Q: I'm receiving Launcher error: "Cannot create a file when that file already exists", how can I fix it? Full output is similar to:


12/29/2015 9:40:34 PM > Launcher failed to download or install WA3 version MinorVersion: , BuildCode: stable-win, BuildNumber: 10, BuildStamp: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM +00:00 of build stable-win. Error: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.


Local version is: MinorVersion: 3.0, BuildCode: stable-win, BuildNumber: 8, BuildStamp: 12/17/2015 6:41:47 PM +01:00
Obtaining latest version for build stable-win
Latest version for build stable-win is: 10
Downloading package for build stable-win for version 10
download completed
Launcher failed to download or install WA3 version MinorVersion: , BuildCode: stable-win, BuildNumber: 10, BuildStamp: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM +00:00 of build stable-win. Error: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

Launcher failed to download or install WA3 version MinorVersion: , BuildCode: stable-win, BuildNumber: 10, BuildStamp: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM +00:00 of build stable-win. Error: System.IO.IOException: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

   at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
   at System.IO.Directory.InternalMove(String sourceDirName, String destDirName, Boolean checkHost)
   at AldursLab.WurmAssistant.Launcher.Modules.StagingLocation.MoveExtractionDir(String newPath) in c:\Dev-vcs\Github\WurmAssistant3\WurmAssistant.Launcher\Modules\StagingLocation.cs:line 108
   at AldursLab.WurmAssistant.Launcher.Root.LaunchController.<Run>d__d.MoveNext() in

A: This is a known problem with old version of the launcher. Please download latest version.


Q: I've switched to using Relative Data Directory (or other way around), how do I move my old settings to the new location?

A: You need to move and overwrite entire data directory of WA. Read more: 


The settings directory looks exactly the same with both kinds of saving, it's just at different directory path.

For WA Wurm Online: %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantData is same as data-wa-o in the launcher dir, when using relative setting.

For WA Wurm Unlimited: %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantUnlimitedData is same as data-wa-u.

So to move from one place to the other, simply copy and overwrite everything inside the dirs (do first close all WA apps, though) ;)


Q: How can I effectively use WA on multiple PC's and share my settings?

A: One of the simplest options is using app such as Dropbox. 


For this to work, you need both your game client and wurm assistant to be synced via OneDrive / GoogleDrive / Dropbox. If you won't keep your client synchronized, but do synchronize WA, you might see odd behavior with smart timers (like meditation). Some things to keep in mind:

  • Do not use these apps on more than one computer at once, at any particular time, as this might lead to buggy situations.
  • Always close all apps (WA and Wurm) on previous machine(s). 
  • When switching to another machine, always wait till synchronization is complete and everything downloaded.
  • Your OneDrive / GoogleDrive / Dropbox directory should have same path on all machines, eg. C:\Dropbox (very important for Wurm Unlimited client)
  • Just to be safe, do frequent backups. Maybe on a schedule.


First, prepare WA to work from shared location:


  1. Move the whole unzipped launcher (entire folder) to the OneDrive / GoogleDrive / Dropbox, so that it uploads.
  2. Launch from this folder, choose the checkbox "use relative data directory" and run WA once in the mode you are using (Online or Unlimited), then close it.
  3. In the launcher folder, you will now find a new folder called "data-wa-o" (for Wurm Online settings) or "data-wa-u" (for Wurm Unlimited settings)
  4. To have all your previous WA settings, 
    for Wurm Online mode, copy everything from %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantData to the new folder:  "data-wa-o"
    for Wurm Unlimited mode, copy everything from %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantUnlimitedData to the new folder:  "data-wa-u"
    When asked to overwrite, always choose yes.
    Note: Paste the entire link including the %localappdata% part in the explorer address bar and it will find it.
  5. Now run WA again with the "use relative data directory" and check if all your settings are there.

That's all the setup for WA. Now simply always run the launcher from the folder in OneDrive / GoogleDrive / Dropbox. Just remember to let the files upload after you close WA and then, let them download on your other computer before starting WA there. And try to always close WA on one computer before using it on the other, I can't vouch it will work correctly if not done so. ;) 


Now prepare wurm game client:

For Wurm Online:

  1. Find your Wurm Online root installation directory, eg. C:\Games\wurm
  2. Copy this directory to OneDrive / GoogleDrive / Dropbox
  3. Uninstall Wurm Online client and then start reinstalling
  4. When asked for path, choose the one to the directory in OneDrive / GoogleDrive / Dropbox
  5. Start the game client
  6. To reduce network traffic: In the game client settings, under 'Text' tab, switch all 'message logging' to 'Daily Files'

For Wurm Unlimited

  1. In Steam, create a new games library with a path within OneDrive / GoogleDrive / Dropbox
  2. Reinstall your Wurm Unlimited into this library
  3. You can do the same trick as with Wurm Online: copy-paste wurm configs/logs from the old installation
  4. In Wurm Assistant for Wurm Unlimited, run config again to change the game client path
  5. To reduce network traffic: In the game client settings, under 'Text' tab, switch all 'message logging' to 'Daily Files'


If you ever run the apps at once at multiple machines (eg. by accident), you can cleanup some mess in Wurm Assistant by going to options -> change settings -> clear all wurmapi caches and restarting Wurm Assistant. Sadly in Wurm Online, you may end up having some holes in the logs and that won't be easily fixed. :)


Q: After running for a while or for few days straight, WA stops updating things.  Restarting WA solves the problem, but it is eventually happening again.

A: Cause for this issue is yet unknown, please see this post. Update: it may be fixed now (current tests pass, can never be sure).


Q: Where is "minimize to tray"?

A: It has been removed, due to technical reasons (mostly because there are now 2 versions of WA for WO and for WU and that made problems for launcher when any was minimized to tray).


Q: My widgets or popups don't always stay on top of wurm or some other windows, how can I fix it?

A: Avoid running Wurm in windowed-fullscreen or full fullscreen. Avoid running other apps in 'stay on top' mode (such as video player).


Q: Can you add {insert feature idea here} or change {existing feature}
A: I am no longer actively developing WA and as such, do not change or add features. Support is only for bugs and any breaking changes introduced by the Wurm itself. Developers are free to contribute to the project, it is open source and available on GitHub.


Q: The timers sometimes do not update, or they update after a while. I am playing many alts at the same time and my PC is using almost all of it's RAM.

A: WA has not enough memory to work smoothly for you. Consider adding some more RAM, so that at least 10% of it is always free.


Q: I'm getting an error right after launching WA, it looks similar to this:


Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReaderException: Unterminated string. Expected delimiter: ". Path 'traitViewState', line 15, position 1489.
   at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonTextReader.ReadStringIntoBuffer(Char quote)
   at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonTextReader.ParseString(Char quote, ReadType readType)
   at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonTextReader.ReadAsBytes()
   at Newtonsoft.Json.Serialization.JsonSerializerInternalReader.ReadForType(JsonReader reader, JsonContract contract, Boolean hasConverter)
   at Newtonsoft.Json.Serialization.JsonSerializerInternalReader.PopulateObject(Object newObject, JsonReader reader, JsonObjectContract contract, JsonProperty member, String id)

A: Follow the solution found in this post. Note: the directory path for WO version of WA is: %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantData\Data


Q: No features load and I see errors similar to: irrKlang device could not be created with the specified parameters.

A: This is a known bug. You have no sound devices attached to your PC. You need to connect eg. headphones, speakers. If that is not the case, try installing this Microsoft library.



Source Code and licensing:


All source code is shared under GPL.


Source repos: 

WA2 (discontinued):
WA1 (discontinued):

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The horse thing is really cool, I would love to see that.

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Found out there are still some conditions missing for queue sound. Also if anyone finds interface confusing please let me know.

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Testing with friends brought these changes: -

- minor bug fixes

- added option to minimize to tray

- tray context menu

- edit button for playlist entries

- all sounds mute toggle

- some ui tweaks

- fixed few more bugs and missing conditions for queue sound

Old versions need to be uninstalled before new will install. Sorry for that and will move to online publishing soon.

Also, it is very likely this tool will be added to Warlander's Wurm Online Toolbox in near future. Features there may lag behind this one, since I won't build a new library until module is finished and properly tested.

Edited by Aldur

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I have to bump this topic.

I saw it a few days ago, was like eh, smart idea. Not sure if I'll ever use it.

I picked it up yesterday. And I have to say I love it.

I normally alt tab after queuing and do my own thing for a minute, then come back.

This lets me know exactly when i can come back and give a few more actions to get done.

Im so happy you did this.

I do have 1 question, Where can I find the wav files?

Since they're the specific kind, not sure the best way of getting them.

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Hello Trencal, I'm really happy you like it. :) And I'm also happy to say, the new version (not yet published) will be much better, it now supports more formats (most notable ogg, flac and mp3). As for wav themselves, there are many sites offering free wav resources, I didn't check them for a while (just using some local sounds for now) but an example is that I see is still online.

New version should appear on days, I'm just having minor problems with publishing and updates code.

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I really like the idea of this program (tbh I always planned to write something like that myself ;) ), and I would really love to use it. BUT:

Wurm needs to be set for daily logging!

Edited by Yaga

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Ya well, no need to be so upset. If you need it, I'll give it a shot. Although I may need some feedback afterwards, I'll need to modify quite a lot (that's the reason it was daily files to begin with, the old code I've used was not suited for big files).

I'll try to modify all that within next week.

Also I like your clock, handy gadget. :)

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Oops! Sorry if I sounded upset - I wasn't :) Was just trying to point out this issue and place a request; no offence meant. I really like the idea of your tool. Thanks for trying to solve this - no need to hurry, though.

May I ask for another feature, please?

Program will install in current user AppData directory and place shortcut on desktop.

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Yes, a standalone (and portable) option is on my todo list already, although not a very high priority. Right now I've decided to pursue click-once because it offer easy auto-update and publishing. Unfortunately as you noticed, it's a bit too easy. :)

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That is just a loop of menus, cant' get anywhere on it.. Tried 2-3 other sites and apparently your .wav format is very very specific as none of the waves I find work.

Looks promising and is neat, can't wait for the next update!

EDIT: Copied default windows wav sounds over and works like a charm!

Edited by Nomadikhan
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Hi Nomad. I have just published new version, among the changes is new sound engine, so it's possible it will play these sounds now. If not, I would be glad to get one sample to study that format and figure what's wrong.

Also, Yaga, I have made support for monthly files and it should run smoothly (i hope).

The full list of changes will appear after installing app. Most notable:

  • new sound engine, supports many new formats, volume adjustments, playing multiple sounds at once
  • player choice menu (autofinds the path to log files, daily/monthly logging setting), sound bank menu (add, remove, rename and adjust individual sounds volume)
  • online install, autoupdate, preserving settings
  • sleep mode when Wurm is not launched

I will keep pushing new source to the github repository and it should still build and work correctly.

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Wow! Thanks, Aldur - I'll definitely test the new version within the next couple of days. Good job!

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All this teamwork and working for a larger goal and not self serving.. I had to check my pulse to make sure It was wurm.. Joking aside excellent work and keep up the great input. Also thanks for taking from your personal time to help fellow wurmians.

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I have hopefully fixed VC redist issue and some other install problems. Click-Once version should now be safe to use.

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I have updated program to 1.1.1, which adds "active" toggle for each playlist entry, inactive entries won't play and this state can easily be swapped by right-clicking them.

The thing that made me do this was leading horses through half Exodus, I've added "You stop leading" entry and got a nice warning every time they go stuck in a wall (this should be in game!). Anyway I don't need that message on other occasions so instead of clumsy adding/removing it all the time, added this nice switch.

And with last bits of update tweaks, I'm ready to start working on new modules and open for more ideas from community. :)

More info on major and minor updates (including full changelog) is and always will be available in program after updates.

Edited by Aldur

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Perhaps, something to parse skill gains. Maybe have it record average skillgain per hour. It'd be nice to see, for example, my average gains on an iron vein for an hour, then switch and see my average gains on a lead vein the next hour. Useful for putting all these "perfect skillgain" myths to rest.

Also, for combat, record hits, misses, parries, glances... to yield an overall hit ratio? Trivial maybe, but would be interesting to see my average hit percentage in a given hunting trip or pvp skirmish. The same for block, to see an averaged block ratio/percentage.

That's all I can think of atm, loving this app so far! Very nice job on this, can't wait to see where it goes!!!

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Added to my todo, can't promise exactly when but it will be done. :)

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Unfortunately after it update to the current latest version as of this post, it no longer works. Crashes on startup. I PM'd you the error log it gives me.

Uninstalling and reinstalling does not work, same error.

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Working on a fix for the above.

Does anyone else have/had any click-once related errors since I've moved deployment to it?

PS. Thanks to Nomadikhan sticking through all my attempts, we have fixed yet another potential issue with updates.

Edited by Aldur
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I'm sorry there have been no updates yet. I'm busy with too many things to properly add new features to the tool and I don't want to break your working versions by being sloppy. However I think I'll be able to release at least one of promised major features by the end of year, maybe all of them. :)

I'm also thinking of something else in addition to this tool: an interactive google-maps-style website for server community maps, that could be conveniently managed without photoshop and perhaps extend its purpose for various POI manageable by deed owners. But it's just an idea for now.

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Not only Wurm itself is getting an update today. :) I will not lose to you Rolf!

Firth batch of mayor features is ready and already published for auto-updating. These include a tool for log searching, meditation timer tracker and a calendar. Of course it's me here, so I wouldn't satisfy for anything but perfect. Log searcher offers lots of filters and will even highlight all matches, calendar and timer are fully autonomous and will (ideally) require nothing more than initial config. More you will find in the "what's new" log within program.

I have also added 2 new options to the Help menu: one links to the Resources thread on this forum (to recommend other community tools) and the other opens a user guide for Wurm Assistant, which should answer most questions about how things work or how to configure them, without bloating the main post in this thread.

Obviously I don't expect this update to be bugfree, considering the program grew 3x in size. Please report everything odd that you may observe.

One thing of note is that, things indeed may look odd just after update (incorrect season data and such), before jumping into reporting please try to close the program, run Wurm Client and then restart it. That should update everything to correct values and that state should remain from there on.

UPDATE ( Fixed crash (thanks Nmarauder!) bugs and updated handling of incorrect paths, improved player choice window to be more clear about it's purpose, fixed some calendar data that was off, fixed where some settings wouldn't save on app exit.

Edited by Aldur
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Thanks so much for this update - I was getting an error with the last version that wouldn't let me run it properly, well not so much as an error as it just wouldn't run (I had the logo in the center of the screen and was unable to remove it or do anything with it).

Anyhow, it's running great now. Thank you SO much this is going to make things MUCH easier for me. I love keeping track of various things like prayers and meditation and while the in-game timers are OK they don't keep track of how many times I've done something (or play neat little sounds when it's time). Thank you!

Suggestion: Where you have timers (I see meditation there, in beta) I'd love to see one for prayers, and sermon. Prayers may be a bit tricky. It re-sets each server down (like meditation) and also re-sets if you perform a sermon with 6 listeners + you preaching (so .120 faith gain / 7 total premium players involved). I've been looking for an automated method of tracking how many prayers I've completed and while this program helps a lot (I can always search my logs) an actual built in timer would be great.

Edited by Stargrace

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I'm happy you like it and indeed that sermon looks like a nice problem to crack. Could you tell me how you find that player count in the logs? Actual log message, as in the file, would help as well, I can't seem to find that on wiki. Does the prayer coldown reset after a total of 6 players attending some sermors or that counts needs to be present on a single sermon? (Actually I see it have 3 hour cooldown, so I assume the latter).

Also wiki seems to note "If you did not gain at least 0.12 faith from the sermon itself, you did not have enough valid listeners to reset your prayer counter", is that correct? Or maybe there is a specific message when sermon fails to meet the count?

Anything else you could provide on this will be very helpful, I don't have any priest within the Alliance and neighbors seem pretty busy most of the time. :)

Edited by Aldur

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