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[Inde] Sunstone Newbie Recruitment And Training Camp

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Good Morning Everyone.

Sunstone Seaport currently have open positions! We are interested in all new comers to the game We are currently running a Newbie Training Camp which will teach you how to play the game and give you new free good ql tools. Sunstone Seaport is located on Independence just South East of Maple Island at 44x 81y (co-ords click able to bring the map up)

If you are interested PM me on this forum or ingame under Maximusi (note I am mostly on 5pm to 10pm GMT Monday to Fridays and 8am to 10PM GMT Saturday and Sundays) we can arrange to pick you up from one of several major locations one of which is near where new players start the game. Once we have picked you up we will bring you back and show you to the Newbie Camp, From there you will receive 2 weeks training on how to use the game, how to craft, it will include field trips and skill training. Upon completion of the 2 weeks if you are eligible we will offer you a full time position in our village. If you are not then you will be given time collect your belongings and we can give you a lift if you require back to where we picked you up or one of the other major destinations near us.

Details about the Newbiew Training Camp Scheme can be found here

We will post pictures soon!

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