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Wts: Chain Armour Sets Ql 50

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Hello there

I am locatet at Germania, this town is located on Celebration at

http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ AB31

http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ X25/Y29-30

For requests, send me a mail in the forums, a PM ingame or a letter over the mail system or simply reply to this topic.

Due to the nature of the mailing system i wouldnt like to sell it via cod, it just is far to expensive for such a low quality armour.

i will deliver if you are located 10-15 minutes near us with a sailing boat.

Chain Armour Set

1x Chain Coif

1x Chain Jacket

1x Chain Pants

2x Chain Sleeves

2x Chain Gauntlets

2x Chain Boots

QL50 - 1s

Chain Armour Parts

Chain Coif QL 50 - 10c

Chain Jacket QL 50 - 32c

Chain Pants QL 50 - 32c

Chain Sleeves QL 50 - 12c

Chain Gauntlets QL 50 - 10c

Chain Boots QL 50 - 12c

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Posted · Hidden by Jberg, September 23, 2012 - completed
Hidden by Jberg, September 23, 2012 - completed

damn, just saw i posted this into the wrong part of the forums, could a nice mod please move it to WTS?

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hi, can u hold me a set plz, i live next to floppers farm on the map just to the south east of u, cant get on right now, but my ingame names are Vaske or Skunkboi. soon as i can get back in il pm u, thanks:) in fact ill take 2 if u still have them

Edited by Vaske

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yep, i will keep 2 of them in stock for you, if i am not online, others in my village can sell the sets too, names are keloxx or aarbi

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