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Free Good Ql Tools And Training For New Comers On Independence!

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Good Morning Everyone.

My name is Maximusi and I am the Mayor of a new village called Sunstone Seaport located on Independence at 44x 51y on the community map (click coords to see the map)

We will offer a free ride over to our village from Freedom Harbour (36x 38y) or Freedom Docks (32x 40y) both very easily accessible for a newbie on foot from The Howl (32x 39y) which is the starting point or if you happen to be on Maple Island or Near Crystal Canal we will pick up from there as well.


  1. Each newbie will receive meals during their stay
  2. Each newbie will be offered a free tool of their choosing from our starters collection
  3. Each newbie will be shown the basics of the game how to do a few things and may ask questions
  4. We will also provide a training area where you may practice certain things and help get your Fight skill up to protect you in the wild.
  5. You may leave the 'Newbie Camp' at any time (minimum time is two days for the free tool) but maximum enrollment is 2 weeks. For every two days you come online and help with the work load we will provide you with a new decent quality tool to help you
  6. At the end of the 2 week enrollment we may have a position open in our village for you to stay permanently if this is the case it will be offered to you. If not then we shall say our good byes and wish you good luck in the world. We will also provide a lift back to Freedom Docks/Freedom Harbour/Maple Island or Oak Harbor

If you are new to the game and wish to join or enquire about this programme please contact Maximusi ingame (by typing in local: /tell Maximusi Hi) or PM me on this forum. I am online normally between 5PM and 10PM GMT weeknights and most weekends 7am to 10pm GMT)

This offer is subject to a maximum of 3 noobs at any one time!

Current Open Positions: 3

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Sounds like a great deal from a Wurm player who I know personally to be top-notch. This is an unmissable one for any new players on Indy! :)

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It is always good to see new places and villages being opened up to help new players. Your system offered sounds like a good option for helping them by having a protected learning environment with someone being involved in clearing up some of the initial confusion of the game mechanics and then giving them a gentle *kicking out of the nest* after they are better prepaired to face Wurm's challenges. I wish you well in your efforts!


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I would just like to say, Altho I was not in his village, I was in the allaince and Maximus is a pretty cool person to be around. He helped me a bit learning the game, and never got to agitated with my numerouse questions. For any one looking to learn the ropes,would sugest talking to him, This idea he has works for both parties, and one can then enter the game with new skills and some shiny tools. :)

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Thanks for the nice comments guys. I am hoping this will be a successful and extremely helpful scheme, Myself and I know the others included in our village love welcoming and helping new players. We have set up a 'Newbie Camp' up in a section of our new village which provides a roof, bed and storage facilities for each new player. We then have an area setup with a forge, some materials, practice dolls to improve fighting, archery target and more to come. As part of the training camp newbies will also be taken out to our nearest mine, huntin and various other things to show them a range of activities and how things can be achieved.

Included Lessons in camp:

> Crafting (Both Smithing and Carpentry at minimum)

> Mining (To include how to not make a mess of a mine and about different viens etc)

> How to use the Wiki effectively

> Basic fighting lesson including information about weapons/shields aggressive/defensive/normal settings and long range

> Building

> Animal Care

> Religion and Meditation

> Plus more to come

We are putting final touches to the Noob area including finishing laying down the flooring and building a few things for the training area however we are ready to start accepting if you are new and are interested. Remember it does not cost anything to join this camp its free of charge to help you get started in the game.

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