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Meyfei For Hire! Masonry, Sowing, Panning, And More!- Independence Only (Unless Persuaded)

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Hey everyone! Meyfei here and i'm looking to earn some money with some hard work. My rates are what your offering, the better the rate the more interest. Of course anything is better than nothing.

NO DISTANCE IS TO FAR! :D!(No Travel Fees)

Here is some info in-case anyone is looking for anything specific.

My skills:

Digging (much disliked, 48.43) / shovel 36.03

Masonry 40.39 / stone cutting 26.77

tailoring 12.03 / cloth tailoring 25.39

Mining 45.49 / pickaxe 47.57

Owned tools:

68ql trowel

72/70ql spindle

69ql pickaxe

70ql stone chisle (woa28)

66ql Shovel

I can happily take any job that can be handled by these skills, if by chance your looking for digging, my timer is slow around 7seconds. The bigger the job is the more unlikely i'd be able to stay sane in the process. xD

My average speed of working so far is:

4-4.5hours sowing 850ish fields (gotta get that farming skill up)

3-4hours panning 1k pumpkins+meat without filleting (working on getting quicker)

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Hmm last job i did i was given 3s for the 1k. first time doing it. I'd say 2s for 1k? I'm bad with pricing things :<

I am totally open for any offers.

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The usual price for pan loaders I have seen often is 1s per 1k pan filled, How much for you to dig up 5bsbs worth of dirt?

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