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Avocano Resort

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Looking for a village to join come to us at Avocano Resort. Here you can learn to play if you are new to wurm or if you experienced and are tierd of living alone. You can choose what you whant to do. you maby whant to work on smithing we can get now up to 83ql iron.

We have just now 2 private rooms for new ppl.

we can arge that you can work for coins at one off our allys.

You will get a 40ql studded leather set then you have been with us for a week.

We can help you build your own boat/ship.

We will build you a house ondeed after a few days.

Our place is close to a big dessert if you whant to hunt.

we have a templar ondeed so you will be safe.

If you need to we can arrage pick up from Tap Dance

if you have any questions ask the here or PM me here or ingame.

we accept both premium and nopremium players.

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