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Whipsering Glade Market Open For Business On Celebration!

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Whispering Glade Market is now open for business on the Celebration server. We are located at 27, AO on Darkmalice’s map and x22,y19 on Tpikol’s map. We currently have 8 merchant spots (3 filled and 5 vacant), which are placed on the dock for your convenience. Instead of merchant stalls, we have provided arched buildings for a different look from the standard marketplace and to provide the sellers the opportunity to decorate and customize their spot. We also have a trader open to the public, 2 mailboxes with 95 & 82 courier enchants, and off deed spots to place BSB’s and FSB’s for bulk items. There are currently plans for 26 merchant spots. However, 26 is not necessarily the limit. If there is a demand, accommodations can be made to fit more merchants.

Current merchants:

  1. Merchant Dawnshroud ironworks –lamps and metal tools
  2. Merchant Tallowyn - Misc. sprouts
  3. Merchant Ayala- Maple and Lavender Sprouts
  4. Merchant Joseph – BSB’s, FSB’s, wood tools, fine carpentry items, and bulk wood items

We need more merchants. If you wish to place a merchant please send me a PM here or in game.

Hope to see you soon!!!








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