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Sir Arowhun

The Treaty Of Golden Valley

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(This is based off of events from this page http://www.wurmpedia...x.php/Backstory)

A hand written account of the Golden Valley Conference found in the Kellon library in Rockingfjord.


It is 980 NT, and I have been given the privilige of seeing a strange event on the dawn of a new age, so I will write about it for future generations to read. For the first time in the history of the three empires, the emperors are going to talk face to face. Around me in the the finest boats of Jen-Kellon are the finest knights of Jen-Kellon. They will protect the Emperor with their lives if this confrontation becomes violent. I have a feeling it will, for the Blacklighters are never trustworthy.

You may be wondering by now why on Wurm our terrible Emperor has agreed to meet with the Emperors of Mol-Rehan and Horde of the Summoned in the middle of the Gull Sea. And you may be wondering why I agreed to join the nobles and wise men on this journey. It sounds like a trap, and I feel worse about this every time I think about it.

However, there is a reason for me joining on this boat ride. I'll begin by explaining events that happened a few months ago.

People all over our horrible empire started having strange dreams. Everyone who had it explained it the same way. They dreampt of an island made of pure gold in a vast ocean. On the island they saw four figures: two female and two male. They all described them the same way, and the priests eventually realized that they were describing the gods. Lybia, Vynora, Magranon and Fo were all there in peace. People then say that out of the water came 3 people. One had the pale skin of a blacklighter, one carried a shield of Jen-Kellon, and the other carried a shield of Mol-Rehan. Then apparently, the gods led the people to a worldportal, where they went inside and entered a new world.

And then, there was a strange discovery on the isle of Golden Valley, an island in the Gull Sea that was captured from Lómaner after they were finally defeated by Jen-Kellon 150 years ago, begging the expansion of our cruel empire. Jen-Kellon wise men quickly went to examine the discovery. It was a worldportal, the first discovered in who knows how long.

After many negotiations with the leaders of the other empires, we learned that Mol-Rehanians and Hordesmen were all having the same dream. It was decided then, that we were all to meet on the isle in peace. I'm going to sleep now. We arrive at the isle tomorrow.

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