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Apple Dishes And Beverages.other Fruits Too

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As i have started wurm i have discovered many new things. Yet as i have started an apple orchard i thought of all the wonderful things that apples could be made into

Apple pie, apple cider, apple sauce, apple butter, apple cobbler as well as additions to other meals.

Yet none are available.

It is my suggestion that such should be implemented. simple apple+syrup+nuts+handle = candied apple/caramel apple, variants of ingredients.

Apple pie could be same, sugar/syrup plus dough and pie pan, plus sliced apples. This could be repeated for all of the fruits as well..i spose. <,<

Apple butter is just cooking down the apple with vinegar and spices, lemon juice as well.

Apple sauce is just well..pulverized apples. apple stew essentially. Good with cooked boar meat/porkchops.

Apple cider would be the fermentation of the apple juice, which would be a shorter fermentation making it a seasonal item as well.

Using a sample of these recipes to spread amongst the entire fruity world it would give seasonal foods more flavor. Who knows if we can make dried fruit soon to make fruit cake and candy canes to give that certain season a bit more remembrance. Stat bonuses aside the skill it would be nice to be able to make a various regime of food with a purposed abundance of said cultivated produce.

The apple.

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I agree, so long as you can use a troll club to do the apple sauce :blink:

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