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Falasdil's Shields Workshop

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After long break, im back to business.

Can offer you all kinds of iron shields up to 70ql (keep working on higher ql) in occasional price

Iron Shields:

ql 50 - 20c

ql 60 - 28c

ql 70 - 38c

Wooden shields:

ql 50 - 20 c

ql 60 - available soon

ql 70 - available soon

Dosent matter what size of shield you order.

Pickup in Zbuczyn on Deliverance (38x6y) or can send it via mail (c.o.d.)

Also you can find my merchant in Puzzle Plaza Market on Deliverance Server.


If u have questions feel free to pm me here or in game Falasdil.

Enjoy ;)

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60ql shields now are cheaper, restock my merchant with 60 and 70ql all kinds of iron shields,

also can do wooden shields 50ql ;)

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