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Olmstead Ranch

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Olmstead Ranch is a new ranch at BG32. We are a horse ranch but are still in progress. Read tag to see how many people we want. Pm Derickboy.

We are working on a mine but are using the iron vein currently of an inactive neighbor.

We plan on making a stone wall around deed.

Then the player houses.

Then we plan on finishing up details.

And from then on we plan on starting new goals.

We are recruiting new players and will teach them the ways of Wurm or vets who just want a relaxing village.

We don't require premium.

We also are all player friendly and we also have roles like carpenter,miner,smith, etc.

We do this to keep us busy but let the player pick there role.

Remember PM Derickboy.

Any questions about village PM me and/or make a post.

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