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New Village Aedgon Recruiting

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The newly founded village of Aedgon can be found directly north of Tap Dance,following the road north from settlement token.

It will grow in size and population to offer protection to all whom seek shelter.

Built now:

*Tall stone walls

*Spacious homes


*Gates that do not obstruct the flow of traffic, however protects all whom pass.

*Village exclusive mining shaft.

Short term plans:

*Kingdom sponsored hunting deed.

*Deed, protected and maintained homes for rent.†

More to come.

Future;distant or near;Provided resources and land expansion.

*Personal boat dock within village/kingdom Marina

*Trade market

*Village/Kingdom sponsored Doctor(hiring) for Citizens.

*Many more.

The sole purpose of Aedgon is safety,shelter and a easier means of living.

Space is LIMITED for now. PM Shyunea

More details to come.

Just follow the settlement token north from Tap Dance.Directly above Tap dance.



Hurry home-Shyunea;Queen of Aedgon

†Homes are available within walls of kingdom, and outside of walls(still on deed).

there will be guards to protect the settlement inside and outside of walls.

Houses are not required inspection and will not be entered, but maintenance from the outside.

Requests for specific size and location based upon availability.

Prices as of current 10/4/2012 12:00:00AM CST is 1copper coin Monthly / 5silver to own the house so long as Aedgon stands.

All tenants have access to the Forest and Mine

Any additional questions regarding this post can be directed to myself Shyunea through forum or in-game.

Note: this is a test. I want to see if other players from other servers would like a sort of permanent or temporary location that is secured and maintained between they're travels.

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This is a roleplay themed village/kingdom.

Rp not required to simply become a citizen.Although highly reccomended.

Currently accepting new players whom wish to learn.

Veterans and premium are encouraged to join.

Edited by shyunea

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