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[Sold] - Lakeside Retreat Deed Package For Auction (Exodus)

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We have decided to move on to Celebration and downsize to a smaller deed as we are not as active anymore. It truly is sad for us to let it go, but we have had plenty of fun on the server. A lot of care went into the construction and maintenance of the deed, as well as a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Lakeside Retreat was founded to be a natural sanctuary, with plenty of land dedicated to the natural surroundings of the environment we originally settled in. We sped up this process by planting our own conglomerate of bushes and trees within the plains between the ocean and lake. As we move forward with progress, we founded a deed called Oceanside Haven to secure a spot along the ocean, as well as to create a secured and protected area between the two said deeds, allowing the wilderness to thrive with our continued and unconditional help. Most of this area has been untouched since we originally planted the now overaged trees, as the only thing that connects the two deeds is a small, simple, yet elegant gravel road paved through the tall trees of the thick forest. We recently inherited a deed from a friend, Brycarnia, called Paradise Plains. We connected this deed to Lakeside Retreat by making a small wall of dirt between the two deeds to further protect the environment behind and between the triangle of deeds. This deed is for the most part undeveloped housing wise, but does have a very solid work of terraforming that also takes into account the surrounding rolling hills.

If you've survived the first paragraph of my explanation of the deed, we'll continue now to the finer details of each of the three deeds.

First, we'll start with Lakeside Retreat, the mother of the three deeds. This deed, from day one, was the epicentre of everything we have achieved on Exodus. This deed is size 31x31 w/ 12 Perimeter. The deed has 41+ Silver Upkeep (over a full year of upkeep!!)

This deed offers:

105 Enchanted Grass Tiles!!!

Three Large Enchanted Animal Pens (stocked with livestock)

One Pen has Bred Hell Horses

Five Private Enchanted Pens

Aggressive Creature Pens on Outer Walls

Underwater Farm for Reed

Over 100 On-Deed Apple Trees for Refreshing Beverages

7 Individual Houses

1 Inn w/ 5 Beds and 90QL Loom

1 Storage House w/ Forge, Bins, Lamps, Double Doors

Mine includes a Very Good QL Iron w/ 5000+ Ore, Good QL Iron w/ 1000-3000+ Ore, etc

Underground Cooking Station with 10 Forges/1,000 Frying Pans

Pink Rowboat for the Lake

Two Mailboxes w/ 90+ Courier (Main House and Token)

Centralized Gold Altars of All Three Gods

Entire Deed is Walled In w/ Locks

Two Gatehouses

Insanity Tiles for Followers of Meditation

Epic Portal, Bell Tower, Merchant Stall

On-Deed Mine Entrance

Lamps Included, Makes for Pretty Nights!!

Check Below for Inventory Holds

Secondly, we'll go over to Oceanside Haven, the second deed of our mighty sanctuary. This deed is also 31x31 w/ 5 Perimeter, and has 85 days of upkeep.

This deed offers:

162 Enchanted Grass Tiles!!!

Thee Large Horse Pens (2 being completely enchanted)

Storage House w/ Bins, Double Doors

Mine includes a Good QL Iron w/ 5000+ Ore

635 84QL Binned Iron Ore in the Mine

565 85QL Binned Zinc Ore in the Mine

665 67QL Binned Zinc Ore in the Mine

Private Cottage, unfurnished

Stables with Bred Hell Horses

Cart Storage House with Arched Entrance

Oversized Wooden Dock for Tons of Boats and Ships

93 Courier Mailbox

Alyeska's Inn w/ 13 Private Rooms (Includes Beds, Banners, Chairs, Rugs, Candlebras), Fo Altar

A 13x7 Vineyard of Blue Grapes (97).

A Love Tile for Followers of Meditation

Lamps Included, Makes for Pretty Nights!!

Check Below for Inventory Holds

Lastly, we'll look at Paradise Plains, the final addition to our sanctuary of deeds, which is, again, 31x31 with 5 perimeter, and has over 4 months of upkeep in it.

This deed offers:

60 Enchanted Grass Tiles!!!

Planted Blue Grapes (67+).

Includes Deed Land on the Lake and Oceanfront for Future Docks

Two Oversized Houses for Sleeping or Storage

Large Areas for Housing, Pens, Planting, or Whatever You Want

Perimeters of All Deeds Connect (No houses can be built, nor any deeds planted!)

Check Below for Inventory Holds

Now, we'll see the benefits of the surrounding area, and inbetween the deeds.


18 5-Speed Trait Horses

20 4-Speed Trait Horses

24 Bred Hell Horses

Other Variants of Livestock for Breeding/Slaughtering

The Oceanfront Between Oceanside and Paradise is Completely Walled (The Now-Removed Rainbow Road)

Large Quantities of Maple and Olive Trees for Beverages Skill and Wine Making

Massive Quantities of Zinc, Iron, and Silver Inside the Mountain

98 Courier Wishing Well In-Between Lakeside and Oceanside

There is a Clay Patch Between Lakeside and Paradise Along the Lakefront

Right next to the steppe, which has historically had amazing hunting.

Over 1,000kg of 90QL+ Iron Lump/Ore

Over 600kg of 84QL Iron Lump/Ore

Almost 1,000kg of 97QL Cotton

546 Pieces of 38QL Leather

Over 1,000kg of High QL Zinc for White Dye

Large Quantities of Vegetables and Spices for Cooking

Lots of Binned Silver Ore

Tons of Animal Fat and Garlic for Salve

Check Below for Inventory Holds

My Beliefs:

This deed, in my opinion, would be perfect for the laid back person, or group of people, who are interested in grinding Cooking and Nature skills. It is also perfect for the Priest in progress as the deed includes over 3,000 98QL pumpkins, 1,300 94QL meat, and a ton of other assorted meat and vegetables, as well as the 1,000 frying pans to get you jump started on HFC grinding. With all of the Enchanted pens included in this package of deeds, there is enough room to house any number of animals to perfect your Animal Husbandry skills. There are a ton of horses and cattle, among other livestock, to get you started in Breeding as well, including the rare bred group of Hell Horses. You can skill up Leatherworking on the tons of leather stored in the Bulk BIn, as well as grind any smithing skill with the endless supply of high quality Iron. As mentioned before, this deed is very relaxing. You will hardly find anyone in local on the main deed as most sailors tend to stick further out into the ocean while sailing by. You will perhaps come across the occasional hunter seeking a place to rest, or even the frequent mountain lion trying to make a meal out of you - but otherwise, this area is very quiet and secluded; hence the names Lakeside Retreat and Oceanside Haven. As such, we'd highly recommend the buyers to not hire templars, or at least to not set them to kill so you can enjoy the wilderness to its fullest extent as we have for over a year. This is the ultimate deed package for anyone looking forward to moving into a village already built for them! :)

Now, onto the self-acclaimed excellent pictures I have taken of the deeds and their surrounding environments (click to enlarge).

Pictures of Deed:


Please note that a few of the screenshots may include some flags, banners, and a few other items that may not be there when bought.

As much as I love how the pictures came out, they absolutely do no justice as to how the deed looks in person. If you would like to come visit the deed before bidding, please by all means do so. Get ahold of either Alyeska or I via PM on the boards here so we can help you take a tour of the deed. Free meals are included in the tours! :D

Pictures of Deed Inventory (Bins, Chests, Forges, etc):


Deed Triangle-Map:


The deeds are located on the x44/45 and y42/43 squares on the following map:

Bidding Guidelines

Starting Bid: 1g/60e

Current Bid: 160e/2.66g

Minimum Increment: 10s/6e

Hidden Reserve: Yes

Buyout: 4.98g/300e

End-Date: Monday, 20th of August @ 8PM GMT.

A thing to note is that you'll need three premium accounts to transfer the deeds to. If this is an issue, don't be afraid to contact me and I'll see what I can do to help.

Edited by Xallo

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Beautiful deed. I have personally rung that bell tower, rings like a champ!

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Starting bid lowered. I hope it goes to someone who will take care of it. :)

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Private bid of 160 euros (equivalent to 2.66g). :)

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I've seen these deeds before myself, they're great places being sold by a great person ;)

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Bump. Auction ends on Monday.

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Auction ends in about 14 hours. :)

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If I had the cash I'd buy this place myself.

Highly recommend this place to anyone thinking of bidding, very beautiful place.

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Auction over. Sold to a private bidder.

Will contact via PM. :)

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