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Wts Meat

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I'm selling cooked, FSB'ed meat on Celebration.

Going rate is 2S/1000 + delivery costs.

Lowest amount that I will sell : 100 meat.

Delivery costs are color coded in this pic:

Green - 5c

Yellow - 10c

Red - 25c

Purple - 40c

Nothing - will not deliver there

(i can consider delivering to south exo as well, just PM me for pricing on delivery)

You can post here or PM me in-game (Thorakkanath)


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Hello, i want to buy 2k cooked meat (not sure how many you have) delivered to Tarakan north of Tap Dance, so the cost is 4s for the meat and 25c or 50c for the delivery?

Ingame name is Kincain.

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