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I just got a mailbox set up and my first chain smithing title after going from about 25 to 50 chain smithing in a few days.

So when I get home from vacation tomarrow I figured I'd start filling orders for chain armor.

Quality --- Full set price --- Price for one peice

40ql --- 40 copper --- 4.5 copper

50ql --- 75 copper --- 9 copper

60ql --- 1 silver --- 12 copper

70ql --- 1.25 silver --- 14 copper Hopefully by the end of the week :)

Prices don't include mailing costs.

If items in your order become rare, you get them at no extra charge.

Can make silver sets for double the price.

Mailbox enchant is only at level 2 so it'll take just under two hours to get items CoD, if you want to pick up orders, my deed (Mol Rehan allied) is just south of Gold Coast. I'll start filling orders about this time tomarrow, to place an order, I'd rather you replied to this thread first before you send me a pm so I make sure I see your order incase I'm afk at the time. But my ingame name is Azjherben.

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