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Public Market Stalls

1st: Icetrias

Papyrus 27ql: 5c/each

Reed Pen 41-46ql: 20-23c

6x Mooring anchor 23ql: 30c/each

1x Ruby 42ql: 85c

1x Sapphire 11.8ql: 23c

2x Silver hanging lamp 12 ql :18c/each

2x each god Gold Statuettes 20ql: 25c/each

4x Gold candelaber 20ql: 30c/each

4x Copper pendulum 20ql: 15c/each

Ships for sale:

20ql Rowing boat 1s each:

Will have more!

For new players maybe I can give bit lower price for some work.

PM Icetrias for more info.

2nd: Empty

3rd: Empty

4th: Emply

5th: Empty

Feel free to place merchant here!

Blackflame Inn

4 BED cost 50i/sleep

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