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Amish Paradise Market

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Amish Paradise Market is Located on the border of 32/33x and 40/41y on the Celebration Community Map, Directly South of Tap Dance as seen on the Celebration Community Map which can be found here:


We consider the market to be finished however if needed we have plans to introduce a further 8 - 12 Market Stalls although we still have a few market stalls readily available for use by the community of Celebration. Also here you will find Fountains located near the Market itself and one also close by to the token, where you can also find a Vynora, Fo and Magranon altar as well as a 99 Courier Spirit Castle.


HERE for an overhead image of the market as well as the listed merchants, their owners and items sold below.


Below are some screenshots of the Market Illuminated at night.




Rudie and Kajmir

Edited by Rudie

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