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Royal Oak Preaching Enterprise (Now Open!)

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Royal Oak Preaching Enterprise


Royal Oak is pleased to announce that it will host a preaching group for Fo, Mag, and Vyn priest/esses.

Grinding a priest(ess)'s faith is indeed mundane and tedious. However, a preaching group can speed up that process (More info here:, and since priests/followers of different religions can now "listen" to each other, faith gain has gotten even easier.


Royal Oak, Independence

(63x, 49y) (http://www.rosshicks.../images/map.png)

I understand that this isn't favorable to many people.


Royal Oak Preaching Enteprise is planning on being the 24/7 sermon group for Independence. To make prayer resets possible is up to you. I will take note of people's timezones so we can "harmonize" and eventually organize a schedule and be an even more effcient preaching group.


-Royal Oak is offering 60+ QL golden Fo and Mag altars and an 80+ QL golden Vyn altar (credit goes to Aetherwalker). The dominant domain is Vynora.

-Free and easy access to the shore for fishing for soul depth ;).

-Free access to meditation rugs as well as a Love and Knowledge tile. (escort suggested)

-Free access to a pinewood forest for your body control. (escort suggested)

-Free access to animals to GROOM/TAME for your taming/animal husbandry skill and soul depth.*

-Free access to mines for you Mag priests.*

-You can purchase 50+ QL cotton/wemp for your body control/ropemaking skills.*

-Access to 4 forges and 300 frying pans to lightly grind your HFC and soul depth (you can purchase materials from us).*

-Free meals from me [unless donated (look at previous)]

-If you have features you would like to suggest or have ANY questions, forum PM me.

(* = requires permission)

Some Absolute Rules:

-DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT cut oak trees. Period. No exception. [if you want to make a carpentry item (ropetool, grooming brush, or spindle) and REQUIRE oak, I will provide you with oak].

-Do not spam the local chat. We will ultilize the irc. (our channel is #royaloak)

-Do not "ninja" preach. Meaning these few things...

~Do not log in and preach. Always ask for the queue...

~Try your best not to preach and log off right away. If you preach once, it is courteous to at least stay till the next person preaches...

~Do not log off while someone is preaching.

-Need to argue? Utilize PM. However, if things go out of hand (which I doubt will happen) I will intervene and calm things down.

-Concerning the provided feature above...

~If you utilized the forge and pans for HFC and soul depth grinding, empty out the pans...

-Listen to what Royal Oak staff says (includes but not limited to Banzai, Thunderstruck, Yourshadow, and Bobmcjeffery).

-Do not be stupid. Ask us questions and we will be more than happy to assist you.

-Most of all, enjoy your stay and your faith gains :).

Final Note:

I know this is far from central Independence and I know the group will probably have some trouble in maintaing a strong, dedicated, and well-sized group. But I hope this will successful and be helpful to the priests of Independence.

Edited by Banzai

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Tell me if something is wrong on this list.


Stonepriest (Fo)

Banzai (Vyn)

Yourshadow (Vyn)

Akemi (Vyn)

Themadpriest (Mag)

Blizzara (Mag)

Raybarg (Vyn)






Edited by Banzai

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Great, that is exactly what I (my mag priest) looking for few last weeks. I will send her there as soon as possible. It is not important, where she praying/burning gems :)

just want to add few ideas:

- place is not as important, far from FM or close ... priests are supposed to spend there whole days/weeks, not returning every evening to their deeds

- barrels with water/free meals should be within reach of altars (to not disturb others by running around looking water/food)

- there should be at least one of "organizers" every time, say in local time of next sermon and queue of priests ... something like

xx:05 Malcolm, Kempachi, Garra, Sincor, Totaldarkness, Vigilant, Doriandrex, Tayomi, Topherr

let say 5 minutes before sermon, so these working on fields/animal fences/forest have enough time to return to listen

and priest in line should say something like "ok, I'm ready" or "sermon in 5 minutes" and after finish it is good to say, "finished, faith gain 0,24", so there is timestamp of end and organizer can count next time and say

xx:38 Kempachi, Garra, Sincor, Totaldarkness, Vigilant, Doriandrex, Tayomi, Topherr, Malcolm

this way it is not so hard to keep order

new arrivals/login priests can be added to end of list or replace someone, who goes AFK or off, before going AFK it is good to say in local this fact

this are only proposal, local priests can use for set rules

btw, IRC can be problem, not all are friends of IRC :unsure:

Edited by Zakerak

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Thanks a lot for the feedback and will edit the post concerning the "timers" and AFK/logins rules. R.O.P.E. should be open sometime next week. If you'd like to station your priest before the preaching group officially opens, you are free to do so (not sure if you'll be able to get prayer resets tho :P).

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Progress was halted due to personal/family obligations.

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Now Open! Hurry and get your faith gain :)

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Bringing my priest, plus I'll bring my main as a listener on/off depending on my chores at the time.

Edited by TheMadDoctor

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You can add Blizzara to the priest list: Magranon. I'll keep him there as long as possible.

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The Magranon Priests decided to fill that monastery with few holy lights.


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Praying to the gods must mean something!

Here showing their devotion, compassion, love and strength to the higher entities that are watching over us. Training in harsh conditions, but nothing will stop them to show the gods how "we" humans are worthy of their powers.



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We've still got plenty of room for more! Stone is rather lonely tho as he is the only Fo :(. We will be able to pick new priests up/offer free transportation to/from Freedom Festival

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