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Information Thread: Functions Of This New Forum

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So, now that we've been on this model of forum for a good month or so - What have you picked up in the way of neat tricks?

Please share them with the community to make the everyday usage more enjoyable!

I'll start:


This button found on the top left in the posting window allows you to disable the wysiwyg editor (the pretty text editor) and allows you to use BB-code.

These options can be found here: http://forum.wurmonl...a=notifications

Checkboxes in order are: Notification List / Email / Push Notification


1) I recommend checking push to notification list on this one. maybe uncheck push to email, because it can get spammy.

2) Same as above.

3) I think this is broken, I tried this out for a week or so with daily digest and it did nothing.

4) Same as above.

5) This is a VERY handy option. I personally only have push to notification list on.

6) This is on by default, it's a handy thing but can be unchecked if it gets too annoying.


Note: Daily digest is not working, at least for the daily setting.

So, any more neat tricks around that I didn't include? I'll edit the good ones into to this post.

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