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Skill Mining Picks (Steel)

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Pickaxe 15ql coc86 = 3.2s

Pickaxe 8ql coc85 = 3s

Pickaxe 10ql coc82 = 2s

Pickaxe 22ql coc78 = 1.5s

Pickaxe 28ql coc78 = 1.5s

Pickaxe 25ql coc77 = 1.3s

Pickaxe 7ql coc75 = 1s

Pickaxe 10ql coc74 = 90c

Pickaxe 19ql coc74 = 90c

Pickaxe 8ql coc71 = 85c

COD fee not included in prices above. Delivery using courier 95 mailbox (~5min time) from Independence. PM me in forums or ingame.

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