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Freeloader Selling Various Services

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I've almost gotten enough money to buy premium, and would like to offer my services to the general public. Please bear in mind the following:

As a freeloader my skill cap is 20, which most of my gathering skills are.

I only have a row boat, so I cannot deliver bulk supplies (I will make them if you wish but you will have to pick them up, or let me use your supplies at your deed)

I will only work one job at a time.

I only work in Celebration.

I only need 2s for my first month of premium, please be generous :)

Kalaii is my username, I'm located at the island at northeast Celebration

My work experiance includes making rafts (in bulk), building a guard tower, and digging down dirt to make a mine.

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hey i could use some help with some digging and things on my palce next to rockhaven if your interested PM me

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