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New Cattle Animations Run At 1 Fps, While Game Runs Normally At 30 Fps

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I logged on today to find that the single greatest part of wurm, the cattle, had been upgraded to a magnificent new texture and animation quality.

I instantly ran out of my inn into my cattle field to inspect, and I discovered that all of my bulls as well as my cows are rendering at what looks to be 2 fps. It looks quite odd to have the animals rendering at a different speed than the rest of the game.

I have spoken with others and determined that for the majority of people (everyone other than myself so far) do not experience this ultra-slow animation rate.

It looks like it is running the full animation, just at a very low fps. If it were to animate 20 times faster, to match the fps of the rest of the game, the cattle would be moving extremely fast..

I am running the unstable client with every single option maxed out. I have a core i7 920, with a nvidia 570 gtx, and 8gb ram on an intel x58 motherboard.

SIDENOTE: I installed the newest Java in order to test and see if that is the problem before I posted this and had someone tell me "install the new java" and now I am unable to use my unstable client. The stable client works normally, but unstable says "unable to launch" before even attempting to verify or download itself like it normally does.

So now I am looking at the old cattle and I am unable to test whether the new java fixed the problem but I assume it did not since unstable is now broken because of it.

UPDATE: I did this:



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Posted 13 June 2012 - 06:38 PM

Go to Start, Run, type "javaws -viewer" and hit enter.

Highlight Wurm and hit the red X to delete it.

Click "Close" in the bottom right.

The Java Control Panel should be open. Click the "Security" tab.

Click "Certificates".

Highlight "OnetooFree AB" and click "Remove".

Close everything and try running Wurm again.

Also, you can click Play on If you are running IE you can right click and "launch application" rather than downloading a new file every time.

And now I am able to get to the launch screen where I click play in unstable. It loads everything and gets to the "setting up" stage and then crashes without any sort of message.

If anyone knows how to fix this either of these issues please let me know.

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