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On 9/17/2022 at 7:09 AM, Finnn said:


my thoughts placed me into a basement illuminated with black lights and low wattage amber, an overly used sectional sofa well warn lumpy cushions with n a bit of grey grease hue from chips, spilled liquids, and crumbs that have gathered like a parade route along the bottom edges of the cushions.  smoke is hanging in the air slightly shifting about like a mystical serpent.  The hypnotic base reverberating , vaguely aware a  kaleidoscope  of titled heads at differing angles  with half open mouths laughing about the room.  While 4 or so different conversations are going on, for brief moments you feel as though you're watching this from slightly outside your body thinking, what am i doing here, nekminut you see your  bro having fun and working his magic mojo spells on a cotton candy lip gloss manx. All the while registering ,  sub-consciously,  the odd mix of malty hops, vanilla bean, leather, citrus shampoo, linen, ash, scuffed sneakers, synthetic, and anticipation swirling the air imprinting on your senses in a memory vault.  Even years from now,  catching a faint trail of any of these sounds or smells,  will jettison you back immediately.      Thanks for the free portal.



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